Superbuzzer 2

Superbuzzer 2 is the new version of the live multiplayer general knowledge quiz game for mobile devices and facebook.

In just two years, Superbuzzer has built up a player base of 3.5 million. Superbuzzer 2 gives the game a new lease of life. It works on the same principle as the original, but a number of new features have been introduced at players' request:

- Themed Quizzes: Players can now take part in quizzes consisting entirely of questions about their special subjects from a selection of over 80 themes.

- Theme of the day: Quizzes on a different subject area for each day of the week to help

players with specialist knowledge of film, music, science, etc. move up through the grades.

- New graphics: Different backgrounds for each level and customizable avatars.

Like its predecessor, Superbuzzer is a multiplayer, multiplatform game that can be played live with friends.

Where to download it:
- Facebook :
- Android :
- iOS :


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