Happy New Year !

Bonne Année 2011
For 2011, Gerwin Software wishes you a very happy new year !
Health, love, money... Ok, it's great but, this year with Gerwin Software, you will also get fun, culture, adrenaline and extravagance !
Yes, in this early time of the year, a new hit is about to make a lot of noise in houses, cottages, huts, teepees and igloos... because Gerwin Software will conquer the world with its new game !

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A new design for MonLegionnaire.com!

Discover the new MonLegionnaire.com (french version only): more user-friendly, more convenient, and more colorful!

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Qui sommes-nous ?

Gerwin Software is a game publisher who has the Internet for its playing field, fun as its motto, and respect for its community as its foremost rule. Known as we are, for our revolutionary knowledge-based games that have changed the face of the online quiz format, we work tirelessly to imagine the games that will entertain you in the future, by making the most out of the latest web technology. Independent, autonomous, and passionate: we have complete control of the entire game development chain, from the initial concept to the final game's release on the network.


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